Dear Kurt,

Glassex 2009

Many of you will be aware that there has been some speculation by a member of the glazing press regarding Glassex 2009. For the avoidance of any doubt, the Glassex 2009 exhibition is going ahead and will be held at the NEC from 17th to 19th March next year. For almost 30 years, through the best and worst of times, Glassex has been supporting the glass and glazing industry and will continue to do so through what is undoubtedly a challenging time for the industry.

It is perhaps understandable in the current economic climate that rumours and speculation abound. With every week bringing a new batch of business failures it is hard to see light at the end of the tunnel. Some of you out there will be cancelling your advertising and slashing your marketing budget in the mistaken belief that the solution to decreased sales income is to compensate by cutting marketing costs. Let’s be clear. This strategy might work for a few companies with unique products or market dominant positions but for most businesses this short-term fix will cost you more than you save, whilst damaging your long-term prospects too.

Glassex is the UK’s only glass and glazing exhibition. It has a thirty-year track record of introducing buyers to sellers, through the boom years and the worst of times. Will you be there next March to exploit the best sales environment in the business or will your competitors be the ones gaining the competitive advantage? Glassex 2009 will be packed with the usual successful features and a host of new ideas to help you grow your business. There is no better time to “own” the market than in a recession so join the growing list of exhibitors to Glassex 2009 rather than the list of company failures.

Dave Broxton
Event Director