What is custom-made eLearning?

A customised eLearning course is crafted exclusively for your organisation to convey your learning objectives effectively and maintain your brand’s integrity. However, customisation costs significantly more than a regular off the shelf course; with an ease of updating & maintaining the higher costs and even provides an excellent return on investment. By investing in the bare minimum, there is a strong chance it will only convey your required topic and since it is for a general audience, it will contain a lot of irrelevant information for your employees. Whereas, using custom courses, learners experience better engagement, greater interest and improved retention.

Customised Digital Learning 

Investing in customised eLearning gives companies a reassurance that the training course is designed specifically to suit their guidelines. A customised course gives you the ability to invest in an advanced amount of Digital Learning, which essentially means that employees will be partaking in a course which is tailored to their job roles. Training must have the context to an employee’s position in the workplace, and this helps if the customised video is created in relation to the working environment.

Furthermore, the aim of training employees is that they remember what they have learned and use the knowledge in their work. Videos are ideal to ensure information is retained and applied effectively. As a result, retention through this type of training can provide the basis for building a fresh motivated workforce. Also, application of knowledge in a complex situation allows decisions to be based on actual experience and practical lessons learned. A case study shows that “when people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information, three days later. However, supporting the information with a relevant image helps around 65% of people retain the information even after three days. Indeed, videos are the best online tools to train your workforce”.

The number of people accessing the internet through smartphones and tablets is rapidly expanding. Videos used in digital learning are an ideal way to train your staff through mobile devices. Short eLearning videos that are less than 5 minutes can be overseen on mobile devices and are effective in retaining the attention of learners.

How Does Customised eLearning Benefit the Company?

One of the biggest benefits of custom eLearning is the ability to personalise the content provided. An organisation has multiple departments with different job roles and functions. Therefore, training that is required by one department to perform their job effectively may not be essential for another. Customised eLearning provides intelligence, activities, assessments, and goals that meet the training requirements of an organisation, department, team and individual.

Additionally, a business needs to benefit from online training. Therefore, it is essential for training to complement objectives with organisational goals. An organisation’s brand identity needs to be represented in the online program. But, this is impossible when you invest an off the shelf program because it is below average in comparison to a custom-branded course. Customised eLearning grants organisations the capacity to deliver training that is relevant to the business by addressing the business’ unique needs.

Moreover, a custom eLearning program provides scenarios, simulations and examples in the training which can be inspired by real life situations at your workplace. Whereupon, learners can apply what they have learnt to improve productivity at the workplace. Besides, the fact that employees from all departments are able to gain skills and address challenges relevant to their workplace is an immense factor in prompting the investment of customised eLearning.

Translations of training programs go a long way to ensure employees across the world receive uniform training, at the same time, in the language of their choice. Translations, despite the many advantages, are often relegated to the background and considered after an online course is completely developed. This can lead to costly, time-consuming issues such as cluttered screens, inappropriate content, and multimedia elements that do not function properly.

Why aren’t off-the-shelf courses the best choice?

These types of courses are insufficient, hence why they aren’t customised to your organisation. For some types of courses, this may be just fine. For other content areas, this may not be acceptable at all. The standardised eLearning courses are designed to satisfy the training needs of many companies in different sectors. Therefore, meaning the unique learning needs of your business most likely will not be met. In addition, the individual/group creating the course may not be best educated in regard to your business to develop a course that meets your specific needs.

At Fresh01 we build courses for any given subject matter. We can build the standard off the shelf courses, but we specialise in crafting bespoke eLearning courses for your chosen proposition. Click here to get in touch if you are interested in our services.