Let me guess, you’ve come here because you have just had a lightbulb moment and thought of the perfect new business venture to sink your teeth into, but what to do now? Well, e-commerce is the way forward. It has seen a 10.5% increase in 2016 and will only increase further in the coming years. E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods over the internet. Sounds easy, right?

Here are some of the most typical platforms and the steps to achieve what is best for your company in particular…

Three Steps

Find your market, what are you planning to sell and your target audience

Find the most cost and quality efficient manufacturers/suppliers for your business’ products

Set up your new website and online shopping platform for buyers to purchase with ease

What are e-commerce platforms?

There are many e-commerce platforms which can be utilised for new businesses. Here we discuss some of the best options. The most popular ones include; Shopify, VolusionWordPress and BigCommerce…


Shopify is an option to sell goods, whereby an individual simply sets up an online profile and then tracks/confirms orders. Sound simple? Well, yes it’s simply designed, offers support from Shopify customer services, has the right features and is widely accessible. It’s a good option for newbies looking to get into e-commerce. That being said, a sinister side includes the high pricing and the initial set-up which can be dampening especially if you’re starting out new as it needs some technical ability and upfront costs in order to process completely.


Volusion is a professional and minimalistic approach to e-commerce, thus, making your website look precise and trustworthy. Additionally, this option also includes thirteen free themes that can be used within your website. Volusion ranks higher than others in this list on search engines, making it a popular choice for many young e-commerce entrepreneurs. Despite this good news, this option does have some issues. The pricing strategy is based on how much traffic you get on your website. This could mean you gain a lot of traffic for your business but no completed sales and still pay the higher tariffs.


WordPress is extremely simple and user-friendly, this would be a great option for beginners with no technical skills but a willingness to learn. The site has easy content updates and has flexible e-commerce integration options, which are likely to appeal to those who are doing this alone in their new business venture. Conversely, the cons include custom layouts which are priced on top of the initial costs and hard to execute by an untrained web builder which may prove a huge issue in the longer term when updates and changes to the site are necessary. This platform needs to be updated frequently on the admin end, eating up precious time that could be spent driving new sales.


BigCommerce is very similar to Shopify, offering almost identical features, pricing and types of structures for your website from the most basic to the most well-advanced, at a cost, of course. This website offers a unique feature of integrating newsletters, emails and other social networking tools to boost marketing and sales for your business. Alongside this, over 100 templates are available to help you achieve your desired website and branding look, thus giving the e-commerce owner the best chance of success in sustainable growth. It’s not all good news though, as the main setbacks for this platform include the need for highly efficient technical capabilities to maintain the more complex and less user-friendly infrastructures of their websites.


Overall, these methods allow you to gain access to the e-commerce market without the hassle of struggling your way through the ‘dummies guide to coding’, but they do come with their shortcomings and technical difficulties. Should you want any assistance, Fresh01 can take any of these platforms and help customise it for you within our web development work.

Our expertise in bespoke website designing can cater to your every need when it comes to selling online, so please do get in touch to see how we can help your new online business grow to its full potential.