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WordPress is huge – it now powers over 27% of ALL websites on the web.

That’s over a quarter of a billion WordPress websites so it’s safe to say business is booming and with all this growth comes diversity in the packages they are offering to such a huge customer base. Now in 2017, you have options for the amount of bespoke design or template structure you require your organisation’s website to adopt.

What is WordPress then, why is it so useful?

WordPress is probably the most powerful and user-friendly content management system (CMS) in the world today. Everyone from fortune 500 companies to start-ups benefit from its speed of use and the easy ability to update your own website information online once they have been built.

So what does WordPress look like to the end user?

Most WordPress customers do not understand the difference between the customisation of an existing WordPress theme bought from a theme provider and a custom design which is built to bespoke requirements, unique to them as a customer.

The reason most people do not understand this difference is simply because most do not need or want to understand the difference. The majority of modern marketing managers in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) employ agencies who manage their online presence and leave the technical jargon to the experts. Below are the pros and cons of both types of WordPress websites available:

Themed websites


They can look exactly like your brand

They are quick to set up and can be effective

Many existing brands do it – so it’s not really cheating


Someone else will have your theme

It’s a rough match to your needs, not an exact match

Bespoke websites


They will contain what you want to the letter

They can be far more interactive

They can be tailored to your exact requirements


They require longer time frames

They are more expensive than themed websites

How do I get a WordPress site built?

It can prove tricky trying to find your way around the terrain of premium website themes, online marketers, web designers, graphic designers, coders, programmers, and consultants. For the sake of clearing up this messy subject, Fresh01 have broken down a simple answer to this question.

Here is a link to the service page to see how we can create one for you now.

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