What is the importance of Graphic Design in social media?

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Graphic design plays a fundamental role in social media for a business. The general rule of thumb is to use attraction for attention. We all know it is increasingly more difficult to stand out online, where users are inundated with content.  So, implementing good graphic design not only increases professionalism, it can help your brand stand out. By utilising engaging graphic design in your social media, you can significantly increase the strength of your brand image and builds trust with your target audience.

In Fact… 

A staggering 93% of marketers use social media for business. If your graphic design is kept to a high standard throughout your feed, other users will often copy and paste the link to their own social media accounts. This will direct customers (potential and existent) back to the main website of your company if hyperlinked appropriately.

Younger generations of users active on social media prefer flashy, high-resolution, contemporary pictures that catch the eye. Social media platforms should show images that draw emotion from the reader/viewer. Graphic designers need to understand the demands of the client company and their consumers. Graphic design can provide a good online presence, helping to promote your business by leading back to the website attached to any particular post.

Big designs on social media and website content are good for consumers because they attract attention. However, if an image is proven to be too large, the loading time may affect the judgement that the client has on a website or social media platform. Overall, it all boils down to the requirement for a seamless and enjoyable customer experience of your brand from the beginning to the end of the engagement.

Designed graphics are much more likely to fixate in a person’s mind than words ever can. People acquire new knowledge through visual contact, therefore, graphics can initiate vital emotions from a reader in order to engage with your social media posts and ultimately head back to your website.

Why is graphic design important for your business?

Effective graphic design provides support towards brand recognition and connects a target audience with a company and their products/services.

It creates a professional first impression on clients and customers. The better quality it appears, the more attraction it generates. Consumers judge the graphical/visual appearance of a website within an instant of encountering it, more so than any of the worded content.

The more creative and interesting a website or social media profile looks, the easier it is to gain the trust of your audience to purchase from your business over a competitor.

If the design is creative but informative, it will come across as impressive and positive and avoid any misunderstandings about what you have to offer and at what price.

The most vital reason for strong design in your marketing is that it indirectly improves workplace motivation. A business that presents itself as an organisation of excellence and professionalism will often reflect down on its employees. A business that takes pride in its appearance will often attract the recruitment of people that wish to be part of a brand image that excels.

Underestimating the importance of graphic design requirements within your marketing online can negatively impact both clients and employees. A visually strong brand helps to connect with consumers and showcases your brand voice. So it’s fair to say that a weak and tired brand image will reflect negatively on those same people. Essentially, what you present on your online speaks volumes about your organisation.

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