What is Storyline 360?

Categories: InsightsPublished On: 17 Mar 2023

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Storyline 360 is a coherent eLearning software created by Articulate 360. It creates interactive, immersive and engaging learning experiences – utilising video, simulations and responsive gestures. 

30-second summary:
If you need training or online courses for your team or have any other eLearning needs, Storyline is a great tool you should consider. (Plus, we know how to use it!)  

Who Uses It?

The largest group of Storyline users will come from a training background. These individuals/groups would use Storyline to edit content and distribute it to their learners. These groups of users include corporate trainers, who might use Storyline to author software or product demos, simulations and compliance training. Sales support people have been known to use Storyline to create compelling product demos and simulations for the products they sell to consumers.

What Can It Be Used For?

Studio allows users to edit slides using PowerPoint, while Storyline 360 allows the user to author courses using a single standalone program. Storyline supports eLearning content creators to create product demonstrations and shows learners how a product performs. Also, software simulations show the software or a specific feature of that software in action. For example, a “one-shot simulation” can be used for past learning courses. Learners can indulge in educating themselves on different features of the software or process. They can experiment with the workings and change/tweak responses if they get things wrong, allowing them to understand complex processes or concepts. 

Whereas “learn by example” simulations administer several situations for the learner and encourage them to intervene to determine further courses of action. The decision made by the learner is imperative for achieving the outcome, and through multiple attempts, learners observe the consequences of their actions. This type of simulation encourages learners to think logically and cognitively.

Added Bonuses. 

Quizzes are a tool used to ensure the learner is engaging with the material. Essentially, quizzes capture learners’ comprehension of the content they have studied. Another real benefit is that low-pressure quizzes can motivate people to learn.

Many eLearning courses create a “pre-test”, which provides the learner with insights into the critical point of the system. This helps implement the retention of information because they are more focused. If individuals miss or need to retake a question, they are more motivated to pay attention to that topic, so when it arises, they won’t make the same mistake or miss that question again.

During your eLearning course, taking a break and reviewing what you have learned after each section is always a good idea. Repetition is a critical element of learning, and quizzes are an effective way to reinforce content. These quizzes don’t have to be graded; their purpose is as a learning tool, not an assessment method.

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