What is Storyline?


Articulate Storyline is a coherent eLearning producing software. It can be confused with Articulate Studio, often referred to simply as Articulate. This a direct result of Studio being the only product from Articulate for the longest time, which is why people refer to it as Articulate. Articulate, though, is the name of the company that manufactures both Studio and Storyline.

Who Uses It and What Can It Be Used For?

The largest group of Storyline users will come from a training background. These individuals/groups would be using Storyline to edit content and distribute it to their learners. These groups of users include corporate trainers, who might use Storyline to author software or product demos, simulations and compliance training.  Sales support people have been known to use Storyline to create compelling product demos and simulations for the products they sell to consumers.

Studio gives users to ability to edit slides using PowerPoint, while Storyline allows the user to author courses using a single standalone program. Storyline supports creators of eLearning content to create product demonstrations and shows learners how a product performs. Also, software simulations show the software or a specific feature of that software in action. For example, a “one-shot simulation” can be taken advantage of for courses that offer one-time learning. Learners can indulge in educating themselves on different features of the software or process. They are given the opportunity to experiment with the workings and change/tweak responses if they get things wrong, which provides the opportunity to understand complex processes or concepts. 

Whereas, “learn by example” simulations administer a number of situations for the learner and encourage them to intervene, to determine the further courses of action. The decision made by the learner is imperative for achieving the final outcome and through multiple attempts, learners observe the consequences of their actions. This type of simulation encourages learners to think logically and cognitively.

Conjointly, quizzes can be created to test learners’ comprehension of the content they have studied. There are many benefits that can emerge through the use of quizzes on Storyline, with the fundamental result being that it motivates people to learn. Many eLearning courses create what is known as the “pre-test” which is essentially an insight of what learners need to look out for throughout the duration of the course. This helps implement the retention of information because they are so focused on the task at hand. When individuals miss a question, they will more likely be motivated to pay attention to that topic in the course when it arises, in order to not make the same mistake and miss that question again.

During your eLearning course, it is always a good idea to take a break and review what you have learned after each section. Repetition is an important element of learning, and an effective way to repeat content is through quizzes. Generally, these quizzes are not graded, considering the purpose is not to assess learning, but to provide learners with a way to remember what they have learned.

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