PSI-Pay, the global payment solution provider, has partnered with Fresh01 traditionally to produce events and exhibition brochures. For their latest campaign however, the brief was a little different. Fresh01 was tasked with revamping the company’s website, not simply by adding some WordPress plugins to make it responsive but by creating an entirely new design and build.

It was a fantastic opportunity for head designer Chris Banks. “It was a novelty to be able to start with a blank page and think: ‘What do we want on the homepage? What does the client want to be prominent?’ Working out the technicalities of how to do it was secondary.” The result is a flowing site map that’s intuitive to navigate and makes PSI-Pay’s affiliations and partners a prominent fixture.

close up image of website


The client’s existing site didn’t integrate the brand sufficiently so Fresh01 set about enhancing the brand presence and ensuring it is prominent on every page of the site. As for the content, the refresh gave the client a great opportunity to refine the text, making it less technical and easier for a layperson to understand.

Fresh01 came up with creative solutions for the technical information such as producing a visual map to show how the PSI-Pay process works rather than having a written description as had been before. “The team went above and beyond on the design,” comments Chris, “we really thought through what was best for the client’s audience and the client was delighted.”

image of diagram (programme manager)

In fact, the client’s enthusiasm meant the creative process was harmonious and productive with good communication at every stage. It means that the finished site is better able to communicate PSI-Pay’s products and services. A great example of this is the blog section. On the previous site, it wasn’t easy to find the blogs but now they are showcased on the news page. Furthermore, an innovative scroll device enables the reader to see the three most recent blogs and then select to see all previous blogs. While the design is efficient and attractive, it has an unexpected benefit – PSI-Pay feels inspired to produce blogs on a regular basis. Once the site is live, there will be a wealth of industry insight and opinion at a site visitor’s fingertips.

“The site has been custom-built from scratch,” says Chris. “The client has had the opportunity to distil what it really wanted and needed from its website, while we have had the opportunity to flex our technical and creative muscles in tailoring it to the client’s needs. It’s a win, win.”

image showing the "News & Resources" section of the app shown on an ipad

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