The Wireless Broadband Alliance [WBA] is a global membership organisation dedicated to the evolution of a frictionless wireless service experience for citizens, businesses, cities and things. They resolve business issues and enable collaborative opportunities for service providers, enterprises and cities to enhance the customer experience on Wi-Fi and related technologies.

Fresh01 have been working as creative partners with WBA since 2015. We completed a full brand audit which subsequently commissioned an extensive redesign of their core identity, their flagship congress event and all of their sub-brands. This also resulted in a wholesale and strategic redevelopment of their web presence, infographics, white papers, printed literature, signage at events and campaign messaging.

Here is a small sample of the many elements we deliver as part of our partnership with the WBA.

WBA web screen and brand logos
WBA brochure tiled view
WBA Website screen blocks
WBA textured image break
WBA Event photo examples
WBA Brochure example

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