Using Sound to Create Successful and Powerful e-Learning by Fresh01

This post is the first in a series of Fresh01 blogs we’ve created to enlighten readers on how individual elements of an e-Learning resource come together to create a powerful e-Learning course. In this blog, we will look at how sound plays a major role in creating authoritative eLearning tools. 

E-Learning is never going to replace face-to-face training, we realise that!  At Fresh01 we champion it as a valuable support and supplement and believe it can greatly enhance traditional methods.

While face-to-face training has been the de-facto manner of teaching people, it can be limiting to an extent. At Fresh01, we use e-Learning to deliver solutions to areas where face-to-face training doesn’t warrant its extra expense or is simply, impractical.

Successful e-Learning is immersive, engages and creates an experience that builds and bridges knowledge, while also rewards effort. Traditional learning methods provide this too, but often at needless additional cost. They also often require a prescribed time and place to learn.

Did you know that learners retain around 10% of what they’re taught and tend to only implement 10% of what’s retained? E-Learning allows people to learn at their pace and implement as they learn.

Cutting through the noise to hear the detail….an insight into how we use sound enhances the Fresh01 e-Learning process.

Soundscaping is one of the most important tools we use when adding audio to our e-Learning courses. The process harmoniously layers multiple sounds and effects to produce depth and atmosphere; tone of voice and personality. Soundscaping also draws emotion and helps with pace. All of which is very beneficial to the learning process.

Audio Cues
Audio cues create a more immersive experience and are pivotal in aiding flow, and linking themes and passages together.  They also, bring recognition and attention to important sequences and key points of the film. Cues add punctuation and create richness to the graphics or visual parts of the film. Badly added audio cues can be jarring and obvious and create fragmentation, so it’s imperative to get this correct from the start.

Music and Soundtrack
The addition of theme music is often the greatest divider of opinion creatively – however an easily recognised sequence of notes can aid the learning process. Of course, each visual piece needs to be taken on its own merit. Moments like a pressurised role-playing scene or uplifting and emotional section of the course will massively benefit from appropriate music. Audio can contribute to evoking the right sort of feeling and thoughts as well as adding to situation and context.

Pace and BPM
The importance of pace and BPM cannot be understated. There is a school of thought that suggests the brain receives information differently in accordance with the number of beats per minute of the music.

Matching the rhythm and syncing the words on screen with a voice over that’s well pitched and at a suitable pace, has been shown to enhance knowledge and aid the learning objective. Once again it’s something we carefully evaluate and incorporate into each video on an individual basis.

A quality e-Learning resource is not about one single thing – it’s a puzzle with many attributes that comes together harmoniously, resulting in something more than the sum of its parts.

Fresh01 are world class e-Learning producers, creating beautiful and powerful SCORM courses that can either slot directly into your own LMS (Learning Management Solution) or if you prefer we can provide and install one for you. Our solutions are proudly used by companies large and small across the globe such as Lockheed Martin, Centrica and British Gas, Maxwell Lucas, Marathon Oil, Raytheon and Kimberly Clarke to name a few.

For more information on how we can help you invest in e-Learning feel free to drop me a line [email protected]

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