How to use music in marketing

Music has been one of the great forms of communication throughout the evolution of mankind. From “Beatlemania” to the birth and death of punk, music has been at the very forefront of almost every social movement. It’s a long-standing statement that defines and connects generations. We are sure that you’ll remember the 2008 Barclaycard Rollercoaster Ad, where they effectively utilised Boston’s power tune “More than a Feeling” or even the Cadbury’s Gorilla Ad? This advert is a happy memory that makes many of us at Fresh01 crave a chocolate bar when we hear Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”.


Musical compositions can trigger perceptual illusions and distinctly transcend other sensory experiences, much in the same way that a familiar smell can transport you back to a memory. It’s an effective tool that can help make a connection between a brand and the consumer. The language your brain associates with music creates emotions and synthesises a memory of your feelings associated with the sounds and rhythm of a song.

Psychologists have undertaken studies relating to the use of music contributing to the building of memories. A study from the Chinese University of Hong Kong tested the theory children provided with training including the presence of music possessed a better verbal memory than their counterparts without music involved in their training.

Music encourages loyalty

Musical feelings are often considered more powerful than language and this is something that marketers can take advantage of when trying to connect with consumers on an emotional level. It’s an emotional touchpoint for millennials, with technological advances such as the mp3 player and iPod and even the latest development Spotify, all serving the presence of empathy and community in different genres and followings of music amongst different groups of people.

It has its own culture and cult-like followings, huge musical events such as Reading and Glastonbury festivals draw people by the thousands, all with a common interest; to witness their favourite band and live music, driving social stimulation.

Companies such as the mobile network O2 have taken full advantage of this. O2 have triumphed, not only with the building of the O2 arena, that provides an immense advertising platform but also with the 02 Priority loyalty scheme including the chance to win free tickets to concerts on a regular basis.

Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity endorsement isn’t a new development, it’s been around for years, primarily because simply, it is effective. When you combine celebrity endorsement with the music industry, that can make for a very powerful influence indeed.

Jack Daniels has taken full advantage of the combination of alcohol and the rock and folk musical cultures. JD has insinuated that they are and have been present in the roots of all great music from the southern tip of the USA.

Take for example the Jack Lives Here Advertisement along with the development of the Jack Rocks festival. JD know their audience and are going to extremes in order to ensure that the message is made and sent correctly to consumers. Jack Daniels have been almost as present on social media as they are on the stage, relying weightily on their relation to the music scenes of the US.

Fresh01 offer a number of Audio services for a range of applications including marketing and advertisement for websites and film, but have also award-winningly combined music with eLearning systems in order to promote more efficient training with measured results…