Fresh01 are delighted to announce the successful delivery of the 2013 Stratex International Annual Report & Accounts. The new report was commissioned by Perry Ashwood CFO and needed to be brought in line with the new website that Fresh01 successfully launched last summer. The look, feel and overall tone of voice echoes the new visual identity and language set by the website and will carry the company forward with their marketing endeavours throughout the coming year. The main challenge for us was the quick turnaround of the report, from concept to printed delivery which was around 8 weeks, with the visually-focused front section completed first. The accounts section is always under scrutiny until the very last minute so timing was critical, and working closely with corporate printers, Rubicon, the job was delivered on time and on budget to high acclaim from Stratex International and its shareholders. The project further strengthens Fresh01’s long-standing relationship with Stratex International Plc.











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