Sports marketing and events management in 2017

In today’s day and age, new technology, devices and software are a must-have for both individuals and groups worldwide. Each year sees the constant development of existing platforms and the introduction of new social networks and technology. One sector which has seen such innovation is sport and leisure. From a TV-only affair, today’s, live sporting event has progressed the small screen to interactive experiences on demand.

 How are sports marketing and event management going to progress?

Sports marketing is going to develop according to on what platforms acquire the largest number of viewers per sporting event. Younger viewers are more likely to watch sport on portable devices instead of watching on TV, an overall trend where traditional TV viewers have switched to more conventional methods, such as streaming on their mobile and other digital devices.

2017 has seen the introduction of social broadcasting of the major sporting events. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been huge influences in promoting “live” activity. This is becoming the first place users go to watch sporting events, through streaming these apps on portable devices. Twitter is still developing in this sector, signing a deal to stream the NFL on their site. YouTube has already agreed on a deal to stream the UEFA Champions League and Europa League finals in partnership with BT Sport.

These new methods of accessing live sporting events give lesser-known sports which aren’t prioritised by broadcasters a chance to get the exposure that they are looking for. A prime example of this was the English table tennis team’s European Championships home qualifying tie against Greece, which saw 2.1 million users watch the live stream event through Facebook. Again, using these social platforms makes niche sports more accessible to viewers, thus boosting the number of people watching compared to being broadcasted on TV. With Facebook being the most popular social media platform, and so by dedicating their efforts to promoting sporting events, they allow themselves the best chance of attracting people to their live stream.

How is sports marketing is becoming more lifestyle orientated?

Popular sports brands have merged sports with lifestyle and music in order to drive their new marketing campaigns. The mix enables companies to connect with people viewing the campaign by using some of their favourite icons and influencers. Adidas have been massive supporters of mixing sports with culture, meaning that they keep the brand current and up-to-date with trends. For example, the recent signing of Paul Pogba to Manchester United saw the release of the “First Never Follows” campaign featuring both Paul Pogba and grime artist Stormzy, who are influential personalities with today’s youth generation.

How do sports marketing impact consumer spending?

When planning your sports marketing campaigns, a measure of success is to understand what effect it has had on your consumer market. eBay has analysed user behaviour on its platform over the last year and can support the purchasing habits relating to a range of sports. For example, the final day of the Tour de France last year saw the number of searches for “Pinarello”. Pinarello is the brand on which Chris Froome rode to victory. The number of searches rose by a staggering 62% on eBay, demonstrating that watching a win on screen has a direct impact on shopping trends.

Similarly, the same day resulted in searches for “cycling shorts” and “road bike”, with increases of  46% and 71% respectively, with searches for “yellow jersey” increasing by 132%, as consumers were inspired to emulate Froome’s victory.

It is clear that with the right event management, marketing methods and by promoting their content on the best-suited platforms, companies in the sports industry could benefit from better exposure and niche sports have a better chance of attracting more viewers.

At Fresh01, we are experts in developing strategies for sports event marketing. Here are some examples of some of the projects we have completed in the sports industry and event management.