Is your social media strategy up to date?

It can sometimes feel like social media is in a constant state of flux. Everything from live-streaming to mobile advertising has come into vogue in recent years, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In this article, we’ll share our top insights into how the universe of social is changing – and how you can stay on top of your social media strategy game.


Get ahead of the curve with video

As any casual scroll down your Facebook news feed will make clear, the future of social media marketing is definitely in video.

With smartphone use on the rise and almost every user having a fully-functioning video camera sat right in their pockets, it’s no wonder that so much social media content now is video-based. Whether it’s journalists using Facebook Live, mates using video comment reactions for a laugh or simply a few seconds of footage from a party the night before, the video bug has bitten everyone.

One Facebook executive, Nicola Mendelsohn, even went so far as to predict recently that by 2021 the site “will be probably all video” – meaning it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve and start optimising your output for video right now.


Remember to cater for older users

There’s definitely a sense among some content marketers that social media is just for the young ones – and while this may have been true back in the days of MySpace, the statistics these days show that users are ageing.

A recent study found that 52.8% – more than half – of American social media users alone are aged 35 or older, and that proportion is expected to rise over the next few years.

And while sites like Instagram and Snapchat are definitely still a haven for the young, over time their user bases are also expected to age. Staying young and hip isn’t enough any more: nowadays, social media content needs to be optimised for the older audience as well as the youth.


Mobile is everything

Back in the day, sites like Twitter and Facebook were associated with desktop computers. But nothing reflects the change in social media more than the shift to mobile.

More and more users are accessing social through their smartphones, and 80% of Facebook’s revenue comes from mobile adverts.

The fact is that mobile is simply more suited to the demands of a modern social media user.
The photograph-oriented design of Instagram means that users need their phone cameras to use the site’s basic functions, while a rise in social media users in the Asia-Pacific – where many people’s Internet access is mobile-only – has meant the global balance has begun shifting firmly in the mobile direction.


Time for a review?

Now that summer’s over and everyone’s getting back to work, is now the time to give your social media content a refresh? Do you feel left behind by the rapid changes in the industry? That’s where we come in: at Fresh01, we’ve got lots of experience helping companies with their social media strategy and implementation. If you would like to see how your content is performing against your competitors, please do contact us for an independent review.