Content for every client

Although the social media landscape is constantly changing, the challenges remain the same: creating engaging content, cutting through the noise, and getting a measurable return on investment.

With in-house copywriters and marketing experts, we create content that is relevant and targeted to your customers, showcasing the business’ strengths with a clear brand voice. Plus, since we work on anything from website design to marketing, we understand the important part that social media plays in a wider strategy, and can help you build a sophisticated identity over every channel.

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Bespoke Concepts from Brief to Rollout

Every one of Fresh01’s clients works directly with a senior account manager to ensure complete project oversight and deliver amazing work on-time and on-budget. Our  consultative work process ensures that you’re involved in every stage of the process and guarantees that our efforts are entirely aligned with your business aims.

On-brand and on-message

With over a decade of branding experience, we understand how important a consistent tone and message are to building a connection with your customers. Our content can be carefully tailored to match your existing brand identity, or we can work with you to chart a whole new strategy and roll it out over your social media channels.

This flexible approach is why we’ve been asked to consult on social media strategy for clients such as Morrisons, DreamWorks and Ghost Busters in addition to smaller brands and influential individuals.

Staying Social

Great content is nothing without a robust distribution strategy. That’s why we support our content writing with tried and tested marketing strategies formulated by our in-house digital marketing executives. We blend science and art, supporting great content with data-driven methods to ensure that it’s meeting your company’s aims and providing a return on investment.

Measurable impact

We create impactful content that resonates with readers and converts them into customers. Our digital marketing executives can help you understand what content is working for your company and how to alter your strategy to increase its reach, impact and results.

All of our work is backed by hard statistics: All of our website content is SEO-friendly and our social media strategies are built upon A/B testing and analytical analysis to ensure the greatest returns on your marketing spend.