Music for any application

Music is an important, and often undervalued, tool in the creative toolbox. A well-produced score and soundscape effectively underlines any message and has been used with great impact in our award-winning eLearning services.

We are able to offer music and audio production as an added service on any project we do, whether in the form of bespoke music production, podcast creation, ident recording, or voiceovers for presentations.

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Custom music for any application

Custom music can add a unique atmosphere to any production, helping to cement your company’s distinct identity. With in-house composers and an on-site recording studio, we’re able to incorporate custom music into all of our projects from an early stage, matching the tone to video or imagery.

In particular, our music has been used to great effect in our award-winning eLearning courses, where it plays a key role in communicating information alongside film and other visuals. This creates a more immersive learning environment leading to more engaged users and a more effective teaching experience.

Voice overs and podcasts

We are also experienced in producing radio voiceovers for use in eLearning courses, presentations and podcasts. With in-house copywriters, we can assist with all aspects of the process from script writing up to delivery of a finished audio track.

Recording can either take place in our Wokingham-based recording studio, or we can bring it to you with a mobile unit for recording on-site audio. This is great for recording staff for presentations and promotional films, or we can provide professional voiceovers from one of the many tried-and-tested artists on our books. All audio is produced to a professional level and can be paired with appropriate film or delivered as an audio file for use as a podcast.