If a picture paints a thousand words,
film says a whole lot more

Whatever the application, we create high-quality video to strengthen any message. We produce corporate videos, film for eLearning courses and site backdrops, and event videos for clients, giving us a broad skill set that applies itself to a range of applications. We also specialise in post-production, not only for our own video but also re-cutting of existing client or stock footage.
All of our work can be configured to specific accessibility standards, including audio description and closed captions.

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Our in-house crew allows for short filming and production times, producing engaging bespoke video content to meet your budget.

This supports all of our services, most notably our award-winning eLearning courses where film increases learner immersion, strengthening the impact of training.

Cutting Edge Technology

Using the latest technology, we can film the most challenging situations such as 4K time-lapse photography and aerial drone videography. Plus, with an in-house video lab, we can do green screen and other more intensive production in-house, exercising complete creative control.

Bespoke solutions for
every client

We can film what you need, where you need it filmed. Whether it’s on-location film at a factory or a corporate headshot in your company’s office, our mobile unit can come to you and capture professional, high-quality footage.

In addition to using on-site film we’re happy to work with existing video or to use stock library footage where appropriate. This is a flexible approach that allows us to make the most of your budget, adding bespoke footage where needed while keeping filming costs under control.

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From script to screen

As a multimedia agency, we have all of the skills in-house to drive your production from start to finish. We can provide copy-writers to research and write the script, designers to storyboard it, videographers to film it, and provide a whole host of supportive services such as bespoke music production, post-production, or the technology to place the video in-situ. If you have a complex project, you can feel safe putting it in Fresh01’s hands.

Post production and special FX

In addition to our filming services, we also offer post-production for third party footage. This can be great for keeping costs low by using stock or existing film, or for re-using content that you’ve paid for but is no longer fit for purpose.

We can apply special effects, animation and kinetic text to make it as engaging as possible, plus adding bespoke music or a new soundscape. This breathes a new life into existing footage while keeping costs low for future production.

Helping guide your brand

We have a strong branding sensibility and can produce video that matches the tone, voice and culture of your company. This is particularly important in some applications such as eLearning, where we can deliver great video that blends seamlessly into your wider branding.