Engaging eLearning to influence behavioural change

Unlike conventional eLearning providers, design runs through Fresh01’s veins. We take the time to understand your business’s very culture, capturing it’s values and delivering great communication through intelligent design and engaging interactions.

Every solution we create is bespoke and based on hours of consultation between senior designers and the client. We understand the objectives and the audience, delivering lasting memorable learning experiences. That’s why businesses like Lockheed Martin and Centrica trust us to build courses that continually push the boundaries of online learning.

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Bespoke solutions for every client

Although we’re supported by the 1700-strong Enerji group, we’re independent enough to give a personalised, bespoke solution every single time. Every client works directly with a senior designer to make sure that we deliver on-time, on-budget, and above-expectations.

We understand brand, culture and tone, and build courses that are as unique as your company. Rather than off-the shelf solutions with generic animation and a couple of logos, our courses are completely aligned with your company identity. Plus, all courses are SCORM-compliant, so are fully compatible with 3rd-party Learning Management Systems in addition to our own.

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Innovative and Interactive

We provide rich content for in-house or bespoke courses using on-site video, animation, kinetic text, bespoke music, and much more. All content is created by our award-winning, multi-disciplinary team, providing us with complete creative control to produce eLearning that is always on-brand and on-message.

Using gamification coupled with an immersive soundtrack and visuals, users are more engaged, learn faster, and retain more information – ensuring that your staff are satisfied with their training and take more from it.

Enhancements to existing courses and content

We can help in-house teams take their training to the next level. Fresh01’s copywriters, graphic designers, film makers and sound engineers, we can refresh existing courses with great new content, helping to inject creativity into your training department.

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Brains and Beauty

We back up great design with respected information.
As a member of the APCC (Association of Professional Compliance Consultants), we can call on experts in any field to ensure our courses are factual, informative, and compliant.

Cross compatible design

All of our courses are SCORM -compliant and can be built with the Tin Can API, meaning that they are compliant with all Learning Management Systems. If you don’t have an existing system, we can build a bespoke LMS, or install your courses into our purpose-built solution