Strong brands,
powerful Identities

A brand is the continuously evolving relationship between your company and its customers. Over time, this connection can become diluted, leading the brand to deteriorate and costing sales and revenue. This is why new companies strive to build strong brands, and how a rebranding can reinvigorate an existing company.

Fresh01 has experience of working on brands big and small. We’ve helped everyone from local bakeries to listed multinationals solidify their message, applying it to fliers, websites and annual reports. Whatever your requirements, we guarantee personal service, a bespoke solution, and impactful results that reinvigorate existing brands and launch the companies of the future.

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Does your brand need a refresh?

We help our clients understand how they’re viewed by their customers and how they measure up to the competition. Our branding and marketing experts can help you understand your customers’ needs and develop a strategy to match. We pair all of our clients with a senior designer so that they fully understand your business’ needs, and can provide insights that are not only valuable but actionable.

This is also where our strengths as a multimedia agency come in to play. With in-house graphic designers, web developers and digital marketers, we can lead the rollout of a new brand over every channel and medium, ensuring an integrated message that stands whether it’s printed on a pamphlet or applied to one of our world-class eLearning courses.

Strategic Thinking

With decades of experience in branding across sectors as diverse as retail and biotech, we understand how the consumer thinks. We can determine which of your brand’s qualities are effective and which aren’t, and use this knowledge to craft a new message that produces measurable results. We bring a valuable outside opinion to help you understand how you’re doing in addition to all of the creative support needed to make improvements based on these findings.

Rollout over any medium

In addition to conceptualisation, we have the ability to apply branding to any project. With a background in both print and digital design, we can take your brand to the next level by applying it to everything from promotional materials to websites and investor documents.

Measurable Results for Commercial Success

All of our work is based on objective findings coupled with years of experience in corporate branding. Based on analysis of competitors’ branding, qualitative research on current customers, and quantitive web traffic analysis, we can gain a solid insight into how your brand stacks up against the opposition and give you hard, actionable facts.

If you feel that your brand needs a refresh, or simply want to hear how we can help your company achieve even more, get in touch!