Accessibility in everything we do

Fresh01 have been involved with digital accessibility since its infancy and have a proud history of supporting its implementation across the web. As lead technical partner for the 2016 Accessibility Summit at the Carnegie Hall, New York, we are well placed in the sector and intimately understand the existing standards and how to achieve compliance without compromising functionality or aesthetics.

We not only work to include accessibility in everything we design, but can also help companies understand where their own sites or products are failing and can add accessible functionality to existing designs.

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How we can help

We can provide a full suite of accessibility services depending on your needs and budget. If you have an existing website, we offer digital or human testing to establish what is required to make it accessible. In addition to offering actionable feedback, we can also provide ‘revisit and rebuild’ services to add additional accessibility featured to existing websites.


For all bespoke commissions, we are able to consider accessibility from the outset. All digital design, including eLearning, can be built around existing accessibility frameworks depending on your needs and budget.


Below are 2 examples of how the good use of audio descriptions help:

Why accessibility matters

At a time when most of our information comes from digital sources, accessibility is more important than ever. We ensure that impaired staff and customers have access to everything they need so they don’t miss out on vital information or opportunities.

If you’d like to learn more about why we value accessibility, and why it matters to companies,
check out our blog.

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