image of Self-Publishing

Are you a budding young writer waiting to be published, yet can’t seem to get a call back from your favourite publishers like Penguin or Hachette Livre? Well, it is time to take matters into your own hands and get yourself onto Amazon’s CreateSpace via self-publishing. Self-publishing allows you to keep the rights to your book, keep your ideas intact and keeps you in control. So, how do I go about it you may ask? Well, here are the top three approaches that you can take…

If you fancy yourself as someone who does not want to give up any control, then do it yourself. It’s cost effective and allows you to get your book exactly how you want it. However, beware it won’t be easy in an era where we are slaves to fancy marketing ads and crazy social media whereby any minute errors could cost you your prospering career as an indie publisher. This approach requires strategic planning and technical abilities, so if you think you can do that, go for it! We’ll look out for your book on Amazon.

The next approach, hire help. If you want the best chance to be in the top 40 self-published authors making lots of money, you’re probably going to need help making things look professional. Why not consider hiring a book cover designer or an editor? You don’t want to be associated with the terms ‘photoshop fail’ or ‘a writer with typos’, which are the main issues with the do it yourself approach. It will only get your book noticed for all the wrong reasons. So, go ahead and hire help – your creativity is worth the investment!

Lastly, there is the option of subsidy publishing. This approach involves you paying for various services and getting you to hand over control to the publisher, who now hold certain rights to your book. Through this method, you will receive royalties for each copy of your book sold. This option takes all the stress out of having to self-publish your book. Sound like a good idea, right? But, are you willing to give up control? Isn’t it the cardinal rule of self-publishing to remain in control of your own book? We’ll let you ponder on that thought…

All three of these approaches have the opportunity for imminent success in their own ways. Doing it yourself may be harder to get right – but if you don’t have the budget, but have all the time in the world, just go for it. Our personal favourite is hiring help. This combines upholding control with the perks of having professional help without compromising your creativity integrity, giving your book the best chance of succeeding. Finally, subsidy publishing, whereby professionals with years of experience design, edit and market your book is also an option for those of us who are the most time poor but money rich, thus, also increasing the chances of success, but it comes at the cost of losing rights your book.

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