IT is an integral part of every business and is a rapidly growing industry. Currently, 53% of all graduate vacancies with leading UK employers are now in IT roles. Also, employment of IT professionals is set to continue growing at 1.62% per annum which is almost twice as fast at the UK average. In some IT graduate jobs, demand far outstrips the supply for new talent and organisations are constantly looking for graduates to take on ever expanding workloads. There is an especially high demand for higher-level technical skills, particularly to develop products and service to meet the needs of the fast moving industry. This includes knowledge of the latest data programming languages and systems.

Due the field of cyber security growing, as there are not enough experts to counteract the more advanced cyber-attacks, there is an increase in opportunities for information security officers and information risk managers. This is most evident in large organisation such as the government and social media companies who are keen to employ cyber experts. Alongside this, the development of apps and user experiences are growing areas in IT which require more specialists. In this environment, employees are in a position of significant strength and can earn very good salaries relatively quickly. In such market conditions, it is easy to understand why the IT sector remains a popular starting point for first job graduates. Despite fluctuations in the economy, the sector will continue to provide sound, solid careers for those employees who are prepared to keep their skills and knowledge set up-to-date in a fast moving environment.