4-point proposal for the re-invention of Second Nature training course

September 2023

Fresh01 is perfectly placed to complete this task.

We have a proven 17 year track record with LM.

We built & understand the tech behind the current course.

We know the process and the SCORM compliance required to deliver the course to LM and any white label versions.

We originated the music, footage, branding, the platform & have all historic records and assets to be called on (if required).

+ We have a bullet proof process from concept to delivery.

How does Fresh01 intend to re-invent the current course?

We are now able to offer more sophisticated techniques that were either not available at the time or cost prohibitive.

Please see requested EXAMPLES below:

Adding more animated & dynamic CGI on overlays to film footage:

Richer film techniques and use of our extensive library from Getty Images:

Slow motion, speed and dolly effects

Animation & rota-scoping (cut outs)

Plan & costing

Here is our process:

1 – Receive LM script

2 – Create storyboard of entire course

Sign-off point

3 – Design interface

Sign-off point

4 – Create assets, film, animate

5 – Produce test sequences

Sign-off point

6 – Voice Over

Sign-off point

7 – Post production, music and sound effects

8 – 1st Draft

Sign-off point

9 – 2nd Draft

Sign-off point

10 – Soft launch inside interface

Sign-off point

11 – Scorm test and tech test

Sign-off point

12 – Launch

Cost $35,000.00

Initial thoughts

The new interface