Cyber crime is projected to cost $1 trillion across the world annually by 2019, and the average cost of a breach is now $7.7M. It takes, on average, 46 days to respond to a breach, costing over $20,000 a day to deal with, resulting in massive business interruptions. Vauban Cyber Services is designed to help organisations protect themselves. As every organisation is different and requires an individual approach, Vauban works with their clients to create bespoke solutions that achieve a best-in-class defence in depth protective service.


Vauban was undergoing a significant investment round in Qatar. They approached Fresh01 to help redesign and document a new identity to help strengthen their position as a leading cyber security specialist to the Middle East with a new website.


Fresh01 researched the Vauban history and created a new, strong and modern identity that was rolled out to 7 sub brands. A new presentation style and a selection of images to support the content were designed and documented. The assets were rolled out to a 200-page pitch document to support a new investment bid.


A very happy client. We are delighted to announce their bid was successful. Fresh01 will be appointed as their creative agency to support the Vauban marketing needs over the next 12-18 months.