For the last three years, Fresh01 has worked with Source Bioscience to help them shape their brand identity. As with the company itself, the brand is constantly evolving, requiring ongoing design work to maintain their image in a competitive market. This branding also forms the backbone of a wider identity, being rolled out over website, video and marketing in addition to documents such as annual reports.


When we first took Source Bioscience on as a client, their branding lacked a coherent look and feel, and was failing to engage customers. As a growing biotech company, they needed a strong brand identity that communicates a professional image and inspires confidence from customers.


Through ongoing consultations with the client, Fresh01 was able to formulate and deliver a complete brand strategy that was rolled out over their website, videos and marketing, annual reports and other branded ephemera. We worked with the company to understand their intended identity and positioning, and helped them achieve it by clarifying their branding message and creating a clear marketing strategy based on a strong, cohesive brand.


Source Bioscience is now a highly-respected one-stop shop for all pharma needs. By presenting an integrated brand identity, they are now more able to cross sell through multiple departments, an opportunity that didn’t previously exist.