Lockheed Martin’s eLearning courses are used to inform and assess employees, to help them to identify potentially dangerous situations and take mitigation measures. There is a quantity of information however, that doesn’t sit within the training course format. Fresh01 needed to find a solution to be make this available to those taking the course.


Following the creation of a travel safety course there was a large quantity of useful additional information that Lockheed Martin’s employees would benefit from, such as emergency contact numbers for embassies, medical specialist centres and Lockheed Martin’s own international help station. While this information undoubtedly has a value, it does not fit well within a training course, after all, employees are unlikely to memorise the numbers or save them to their phones while completing the modules.

We were required to use the complex Sharepoint software to allow users to access secure information. This was achieved by allowing client access to Lockheed Martin’s intranet, connecting them to a Microsoft Sharepoint library.


Fresh01 worked with the client to create a unique repository for all the additional materials following the training course. This could be accessed by any employee that has successfully completed the course and can be easily updated as information changes. In addition, it can be accessed on all mobile platforms and downloaded.


Once again, Fresh01 has planned, designed and put into practice an enviable service for its clients. Lockheed Martin has an additional bank of vital travel information at its employees fingertips ensuring that its staff is well prepared for almost all crisis situations, wherever they are in the world.