Because of the high-risk nature of their sector, Lockheed Martin’s employees undergo advanced training to help them identify and mitigate potentially dangerous situations. Historically, this has been done with face-to-face training, but this can be costly and time-consuming, particularly for a company with such a sizeable workforce. Furthermore, there is limited oversight to ensure that employees have internalised and retained the information, which can be a problem in such a large organisation, particularly when safety is at stake.

Building on our successful eLearning courses for clients like Maxwell Lucas, Fresh01 were invited to enter a competitive tender to develop an eLearning course for Lockheed Martin. With our extensive in-house expertise and market-leading multimedia credentials, we won the brief and delivered scripts just two weeks later.


Due to the nature of their work, Lockheed Martin’s employees require more extensive training than most. Furthermore, the stakes are much higher as the courses need to clearly communicate potentially life-saving information that has to be not only retained, but become second nature for the learners.

Although Lockheed Martin recognised the value of eLearning, they needed something more than most providers could offer: when the subject matter is ‘how to improve your chances of survival in a hostage situation’, simplistic cartoon animation followed by a multiple-choice questionnaire wasn’t going to cut it. As a result, they were drawn to Fresh01’s experience of delivering multimedia solutions, making use of on-location video, bespoke music and more. 


Developed over 16 months in close partnership with Lockheed Martin’s International Security Team in Bethesda, USA, Fresh01 created original work that adheres to the client’s strict brand guidelines. 

We delivered a cluster of original, mini-feature films with high production value, custom sound design, and varied, interactive questions. With our extensive in-house capabilities, we were able to deliver all of this to budget and on time, while exercising tight creative control over the final outcome. All filming was captured in HD quality and then down-sampled to meet SCORM guidelines, allowing the courses to be loaded into most third party Learning Management Systems.

Each film was meticulously storyboarded and broken down into bite sized pieces which were signed off for accuracy prior to entering the post-production phase. We created a bespoke musical score which helps to add to the depth and feel of the course, adding pace, and linking the visuals to the narration, helping to keep learners engaged. The original video, animation and music scores enforce the message that employees should take heed without the courses being unnecessarily alarmist.


The course went on to be used by in excess of 126,000 learners worldwide, at a cost of less than £2 a head – a fraction of the cost compared to face-to-face training without compromising on teaching quality. This made it one of the most cost-effective and successful forms of training deployed.

In fact, the original eLearning course proved so successful that Fresh01 was commissioned to produce a catalogue of SCORM compliant courses covering: defensive driving, expatriate security, female traveller safety, hostage survival, HEAT and counter intelligence. Lockheed Martin has been able to eliminate the cost of face-to-face learning and is delighted with its bespoke learning course that is unlike any other eLearning available. Indeed, the exceptional qualities of this course have been noted with several awards, including the ‘Excellence in Multimedia’ award, highlighting its place as one of the most comprehensive and well-executed travel safety courses in the world.