Fresh01 was charged with designing and developing a cutting edge and interactive web-based hotel security app for the world’s largest defence contractor. This allows users to share security reviews of hotels around the world to improve their personal safety in high-risk environments.


The current process of filling in a spreadsheet and emailing back to HQ to import into sharepoint was obviously a time consuming and inefficient process. There wasn’t an off-the-shelf, web-based solution for assessment apps to exchange reviews on the security of hotels around the world.


Working both on- and off-line in a Windows environment, Fresh01 designed and built an app that would not only act as a platform for user-rated hotel security reviews, but one that could also store information off-line and be accessed in areas of low-connectivity.


A highly efficient, user-friendly web application using sharepoint/html 5/indexeddb that allows for an exchange of candid reviews in the arena of hotel security.