Hostage Survival is a special module in the Second Nature eLearning course, aimed to prepare the student for what to expect in a hostage situation. This important module was handled by Fresh01, who were able to use on-location video, animation, and bespoke music to produce  the subject with the appropriate gravity that it deserves.


As an employer, Lockheed Martin has a considerable duty of care to its employees to provide them with all of the training necessary to ensure their safety. Given the nature of Lockheed Martin’s work and the fact that their staff travel throughout the world, personal safety was of particular importance. With over 100,000 staff, this can come at substantial cost, leading them to look for eLearning solutions to reduce costs without compromising the quality of their training.

Due to the nature of the course, they needed cutting edge Elearning that could deal with a sensitive topic with a professional touch. As a result, many of the existing courses were not fit for duty: having a simplistic animation followed by a questionnaire form wasn’t going to be sufficient when the topic broached life and death.


Developed over 3 months in close partnership with Lockheed Martin’s International Security Team based in Bethesda, USA, Fresh01 worked closely with the client to fully understand their needs and to produce a world-class course.

By using live-action video, in addition to animation and bespoke music and sound design, Fresh01 was able to portray exactly what would happen in a hostage situation, immersing the learner to increase engagement and information retention.


This module was a highly acclaimed part of the wider travel safety course, particularly for conceptualising an event that most of us will be fortunate never to witness, let alone be involved in. On launch, the course was delivered to 120,000 users, helping them to stay safe wherever in the world they’re operating while reducing training costs for the client.