The scale and international nature of Lockheed Martin’s operations made it necessary for the company to set up a Global Emergency Operations Centre. This centre needs to have reliable and user-friendly operating systems so Lockheed Martin turned to its trusted service provider Fresh01 for a solution.


This centre would analyse political unrest, weather patterns and worrying activity in every area of the world where Lockheed Martin has an office in order to safeguard the interests of its employees based there. The GEOC information would need to be easily accessed by thousands of employees throughout the world on business assignments and personal holidays.


Fresh01 designed and built a user-friendly internal website with a clear navigation so employees could access relevant information quickly. In addition, Fresh01 created a vast web dashboard for the GEO centre itself to display hourly updated metrics and charts based on activity in each country.


Fresh01 proved it was an invaluable service provider for the client, creating a tailored, reliable system of operations in an industry where nothing can be left to chance.