With its close links to the military, Lockheed Martin wanted to create a series of challenge coins to celebrate the success of individual major projects. These coins are awarded to all those involved in specific important projects, encouraging their employees to take pride in their work and improving morale within the organisation.


Lockheed Martin needed a way to celebrate the success of its staff in a number of projects, including a tour of duty at the Farnborough International Airshows, the completion of the GEOC Internal Command Centre and the launch of the Global Security Crisis Management Unit.


Fresh01 designed and created a series of large, branded coins. Using struck bronze and zinc-alloy casting in addition to multi-tiered embossing, they are an impressive representation of the quality of work that Lockeed Martin expects from its employees.


The challenge coins are an unusual, but highly appreciated, piece of bespoke design which gained a hugely positive reception from those who were awarded them. With yet another successfully delivered project, Fresh01 cemented its relationship with one of its oldest clients and reiterated our ability to produce great creative work in any medium.