To back up Fresh01’s award-winning travel security eLearning, Second Nature, Lockheed Martin requested a supporting, enterprise-level, Blackberry App. Named MySN™ (My Second Nature), it allows users of the training programme to learn on the go.


Transferring the existing training course from being web-based to an app posed considerable difficulties, not least due to the complexity of the initial course, which used video, animation and flash-based questions. We were required to transfer all of the existing functionality, while shrinking the course down from a considerable 1.5Gb down to something small enough to fit on a Blackberry SD card.


The app was coded in native java, allowing the course workflow and learning objectives to be preserved while allowing for intuitive questions and UX in a mobile environment. Our team of UX designers worked tirelessly with the client to ensure maximum compatibility and usability for all users. The app was then tested over several weeks to ensure a flawless finished product.

We also added additional functionality, allowing learners to bookmark educational clips and excerpts from the course, and to revisit interactive questions, reference tools, and tips in a single click. It also allows employees to directly access the ‘Traveler’s Suitcase’, another solution built by Fresh01 for Lockheed Martin, a library of core files to help employees remain safe while travelling abroad. This required the integration of secure APIs to allow advance functionality, entailing strict security testing to ensure compliance with Lockheed’s own extremely strict data security best practices.

Most impressively, however, was that all this was achieved while shrinking the course down from 1.5Gb to 300Mb, meaning that every member of staff could carry a vault of vital safety information right in their pocket.


This revolutionary app sets a new benchmark for security training on the go. At the top of Lockheed Martin’s international security training portfolio, this represents an exciting step for next-generation eLearning, allowing users to finally access a responsive, educational course from anywhere in the world to ensure their safety.