With the launch of their first vintages, Fresh01 was charged with creating a brand identity for Kingscote Vineyards to help them make an impact on an already crowded market. Consisting of a logo, marketing collateral, wine corks and labels, Fresh01 created an integrated identity that reflects the company’s high standards and their position at the head of the UK wine industry.


As Kingscote Vineyards stood on the brink of launching its first vintages, it was in need of a joined-up brand identity to run across all of its materials, from its marketing documents to its wine labels.


Over two months, Fresh01 created an all-important logo designed to stand out in the competitive champagne market. The devil is in the details, so Fresh01 also designed bespoke bottle tops to show the logo off for the best advertising advantage on the shelf, thereby giving the product the edge in catching the consumer’s attention.


Kingscote Vineyard has gained momentum exponentially on the dual basis of the superior quality of its product and the undeniable strength of its branding.