Lycamobile provides low-cost, high-quality calls to over 14 million customers across 19 countries.  Initially targeted at the expatriate demographic, it has rapidly outgrown its competitors, achieving greater coverage than any other network operator in Europe. we were asked to help them continue on this path by boosting their in-house marketing capabilities and providing a fresh take on their marketing efforts.


Lycamobile’s in-house team were facing an overload of creative work and desperately needed external support to augment their marketing. Due to the nature of the company and its offering, the advertising campaign had to work in multiple languages and countries, making it particularly difficult to design and coordinate. This was further complicated by a limited budget for external creative work and a complex internal sign-off process.

All of this was also required on extremely tight deadlines: as this rapidly growing company added new products and services, they desperately needed supporting bespoke marketing materials. Furthermore, with many of the campaigns targeting daily newspapers, a rapid turnaround was required for much of the creative work to ensure that it reached the press in time.


Fresh01 negotiated a fixed day rate to minimise the client’s costs and worked closely with their internal team on prototyping and templating. We started by carrying out competitor research to understand the telecommunications market and the existing advertising landscape. This research, coupled with extensive client consultation, went on to define our marketing strategy.

The roll out took place over a wide variety of mediums, including newspapers, magazines, ambient media, poster sites, 48 and 64 sheet catalogues, and digital ad space. We also built a number of microsites, including apps for, helping to bridge the gap between physical and print advertising and their existing digital presence.


This advertising strategy helped to spearhead the launch of Lycamobile’s 4G services over 9 European countries. Through an extensive campaign that targeted consumers both online and offline, we helped them greatly improve their profile in a competitive market, and continue their stellar growth.