Ahead of an alignment of companies, Fresh 01 was approached by DB Consulting to rebrand its services as Esuasive. We helped to bring all of their existing portfolio and assets under one brand, cultivating a modern, professional image that helped to advertise the group services to potential clients.

As an essential part of the rebranding process, DB Consulting’s portfolio and brand assets needed to be carefully considered and seamlessly integrated into the new branding direction of Esuasive.

Fresh01’s web design team conceived a stylish, modern, website alongside other marketing collateral and logo and microsite production that brought together the two different branding directions. This was undertaken whilst considering that Esuasive required a different approach to DB Consulting, despite offering similar services.

The completed website involves sophisticated use of javascript to complete a state-of-the-art web design. Alongside the other marketing collateral and logo and microsite production, Esuasive is now an established presence.