When The Metro Newspaper launched the very first Ecovelocity motor show in 2011, Fresh01 was the natural choice for lead agency. With extensive consumer branding experience and several exciting events under our belts, we understood the unique requirements for branding a successful public event. The show, showcasing the very latest ultra-low-carbon vehicles and accessories, was particularly exciting in the absence of the British Motor Show that year, meaning that it was the largest and most important British motoring event of the year.



The event, run by Metro newspapers, was being launched for the first time and needed a new identity, website, and visual language to build excitement around the event and to encourage attendees.



The site was designed and built in an incredibly rapid time with a turnaround of just 2 weeks from taking the brief to launching the live site. Fresh01 had to make the site clean, bright, and very simple to use, using a fully content managed WordPress system to make it simple to use on the backend. Additionally, it featured intricate javascript menus to make the site more dynamic and ‘fun’ to use for visitors, mirroring the branding message of the event itself.



This amazing show was the first of its kind in the UK, gaining widespread positive reception from the press and general public. In fact, the client was so pleased with our work, we went on to produce, direct, and create the 2012 exhibitor film, which was met with equally great acclaim.