This century-old, British-based, multinational energy company has been working with Fresh01 for 10 years to adapt and refine its eLearning training solution. Fresh01 has been proactive in its eLearning offering since the early days and Centrica has continued to benefit from Fresh01’s award-winning approach to devising ever new formats and content.


Centrica PLC came to Fresh01 when the company needed to create an engaging travel security eLearning course for its employees and to summarise the existing course into a downloadable format for internal marketing. As with any eLearning programme, the key to success is to engage from the get-go. As a long-established company, the basis of Centrica’s century-long success is to move seamlessly in sync with an ever-changing world, meaning that Fresh01 had to produce a course that would be as innovative as if it were created for a brand new energy company and work when rolled out on a grand scale.


Over a period of three months, Fresh01 created an interactive bespoke SCORM compliant eLearning course that made use of the advanced technological tools at its fingertips: APIs, HTML5 and new video formats. We created seven individual films shot on location and green screen and embellished by animation and kinetic text. Each film was supported by bespoke music creation and a unique back end system to support an interactive Q&A interface.

The project was enhanced by an interactive app, highlighting key facts and information for the course so that Centrica’s employees can access vital safety information on the go, wherever they are in the world.


The client is delighted with the outstanding results and has reported back that, as is the general trend with adopters of eLearning solutions, productivity has increased exponentially. The programmes were exceptionally well-received by employees, who found them engaging, comprehensive and that the interactive elements encouraged them to retain their new knowledge. Subjects covered are cyber security, crime, terrorism & emergency situations, health & wellbeing, preparing and during your trip.