As the world’s leading trade organisation for the unlicensed wireless broadband ecosystem, Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) were keen to capitalise on their position to attract new members and increase attendance at their annual events. This required an in-depth understanding of their existing positioning, how it was received by their members, and how it measured up to their competitors. As a creative agency with decades of experience in branding and identity, Fresh01 was the logical choice to carry out this work, casting a critical, incisive eye over WBA’s offering and providing clear, actionable feedback.


WBA had experienced strong organic growth, ultimately outgrowing their corporate identity which no longer suited an important trade organisation representing some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. They needed to understand how their brand was performing in the eyes of their members and peers in order to address any shortcomings so that they could build a strong, cohesive brand for the future.

In particular, their brand suffered from a lack of direction, epitomised by an unstructured colour palette and a lack of a centralised font. Similarly, WBA’s sub-brands, such as the alliance initiative, lacked harmony and focus, failing to tie them back to the parent organisation. This was apparent not only in the branding itself, but across all of their digital presences, particularly on their respective websites.


Fresh01 carried out a detailed audit to assess how WBA’s brand was performing compared to its stated goals, and compared to the wider landscape to see how they were positioned and performing in the market. By engaging an outside agency, they were able to benefit from a dispassionate eye, and we were able to take a step back to assess their overall offering and make suggestions for their long-term strategy.

This ultimately took the form of a thorough, 30-day audit that included analysis of WBA’s own offering in addition to their competitors over all mediums, including print, web and digital.


Fresh01 delivered an extensive, 60-page brand audit that identified the need for a stronger, sharper identity, a fresh colour palette and a new visual language. This was rolled out across a newly invigorated web presence, both on the core WBA site and as a cohesive, harmonised presence for their sub-brands. These new identities have helped to make them far more visible to potential members and have drastically improved their ability to market themselves. This change has been well received not only by WBA themselves, but also by their members who are now proud to belong to such an iconic organisation.