Does My Company Need A Brand Refresh This Year

With the New Year already well under way, you might be thinking it’s time for some changes? Perhaps you’re finally getting around to those tasks in the company that had been put off all year in 2016? Along with the New Year, maybe you are beginning to think about the potential direction of your business, or have found that sales are beginning to stagnate?

With a fresh year, maybe it’s time to consider a rebrand. All brands grow stale with time. All companies, from SME’s to market leaders need an occasional rethink of what the end customer or clients see when they encounter your company. Even the iconic fast food tycoon McDonald’s frequently mix things up. Small frequent changes in the packaging keep the brand fashionable. The Huge efficient rebranding was essential for McDonald’s when the company was thrown into the centre of the obesity epidemic in the early 2000’s. Since then, McDonald’s has spent huge amounts of time and money introducing new “healthier products” into their range and changing their image along with it.

What to Rebrand?

There may be a range of reasons why you may be considering a rebrand, or indeed the level of rebranding you are willing to undertake, each with their own perceived benefits. Smaller changes like changes in logos, name and/or colour schemes will catch the eye of consumers at a lower cost, but you may desire to move way beyond small changes for a complete overhaul of your perception as a whole.

In addition to aesthetic shifts, you may want to consider undertaking a new digital approach to remain at the forefront of the digital age. Over half of small businesses and charities provide a website online, and with good reason, statistics show that 77% of consumers “love to buy online” in the UK (Google Connected Consumer, 2015).

Stand Out Again

A good rebrand is an effective and subtle way to remain in the mind’s eye of potential and returning customers. Awareness is the first stage in the sales funnel. Do this well and you may well find that your company is getting a lot of attention very soon after.

A good rebrand can raise brand awareness, and a rebrand is a great excuse to raise some awareness. A revamp will provide a great opportunity to make a big fuss about your brand. Take, for example, Coke’s synergised rebrand approach tying “Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life under the single recognisable Coca- Cola brand.” (The Guardian). This enabled Coca-Cola a chance to rave about their new approach to their market presence.

Technological Advances

Technology has advanced at unfathomable rates in in the last few decades. We have technology in 2017, that 40 years ago would be simply unimaginable. The smartphones that we carry around in our pockets are technically more powerful than the NASA computers that sent the first space shuttle to the moon. 38 Million people are now active on social media platforms and accessing information in the first place via their smartphone, but despite this, there are tons of companies out there that still haven’t opted for mobile friendly websites. Have you checked to see if your website shines across all devices and platforms? Don’t leave your customers with the “pinch and squeeze” blues of websites that look OK on a desktop, but are simply unreadable online.

Consumer Evolution

Humans have been evolving for millions of years, and consumers are no different. Trends and consumer habits are indications of this consumer evolution. Take the changes in ethical approaches and the rise of healthy eating for example. Consumers are now more self-aware than ever before of potential animal cruelty in the manufacture of food and the province of food sources. Taboos such as the Tesco horse meat scandal and government “crackdown” on obesity has led to a new culture surrounding food purchases in the UK. Lidl have recently undertaken a huge rebrand campaign in the province of their meat to capitalise on this consumer revolution.

Does your brand still convey the same message that you initially intended, or has your consumer evolved without your knowledge and action need to be taken? Get in touch with us now to see how our branding and corporate identity experience can provide the brand overhaul you need…