Now the course is completed and being rolled out to over 125000 Lockheed Martin employees worldwide, Fresh01 the multimedia agency, are completing more films to add to the elective sets. The course is delivered through an intuitive, rich, Graphical user interface (GUI) with components that guide the user through a series of bespoke films, scenarios, factual information and documentaries, in an entertaining and immersive environment. The user is encouraged to progress through the course by building anticipation, gain merit for answering questions. Overall personal achievement is recognised by certification at the end. The build environment and technology is html and javascript, calling xml data into interactive questions. The course is extremely stable and works harmoniously with Scorm compliant Learning management systems (LMS), this means it is fast, optimised and streams without glitches .Media files have optimised bitrates and are rendered out at 18 frames per second, delivering only 25mb batches at once. Taking advantage of this means we can catalogue and ‘mark’ progress in manageable chunks, The system therefore knows and understands where the user is, in terms of course completion and the user can return at any time to continue or complete, as each chapter or module is loaded into the browser. It is then, by nature very modular, new chapters and modules can be added with ease and pulled on demand from email or sms pushes sent out by HR or marketing or the ISO team. The course is also available on DVD rom and video versions for users that do not have internet connectivity with the scoring activity removed. Modules and components are currently being built which will shortly be accessible via mobile devices, where GPS driven data will allow for push/pull relevancy to the users current location.