A business conference is hardly the place you would expect to test your agility. But on the 23 and 24th September in ExCeL, DB Consulting did away with convention. A platinum sponsor at this year’s Agile Business Conference, DB Consulting asked us to come up with a fun and interactive way of attracting delegates to their stand. The solution; as well as designing stunning exhibition banners and brochure was the inclusion of a wire buzzer game, similar to those you may remember as a child. The aim, if you can cast your mind back that far, was to guide a hoop of metal along a wire without touching it – otherwise the buzzer will go off and in this case LED lights as well. The game was a big success and many of the delegates, perhaps a little tired of the keynote speeches returned time and time again to try their luck at the buzzer game  – all in the name of agility – oh and the free i-pod that was up for grabs.