Reflecting our global client base, the latest addition to the Fresh01 team is Namrata Muthukrishnan. With an in-depth knowledge of brand marketing, Namrata is focused on developing our market position in new sectors.

Hi Namrata, great to have you onboard – what’s the challenge ahead? 

This is an exciting time to be joining Fresh01. At the moment, I’m looking at new markets for us to enter, and identifying the best way to build our presence in these. Obviously each sector operates differently, and my role is to ensure that we are presenting ourselves in the best way to prospective clients.

What do you think you will bring to Fresh01?

Fresh clients! Fresh01 has a strong brand identity and an inherent understanding of digital marketing, so in the first instance I will be targeting companies who share this vision.  Through this approach, our business will help similarly-minded companies build their businesses through integrated campaigns.

What trends do you see taking place in our industry?

While print and television are traditional marketing channels, interactivity continues to add new dimensions to advertising. Marketers are now able to add immediacy to great creative, which is transforming the way people experience their brands and buy products. Additionally, co-branding is an interesting approach, which enables well-matched products and services to create fresh, innovative customer experiences, and this is an exciting trend that has plenty of potential to develop and grow further.

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