We are delighted to have been appointed by award-winning English winemaker Kingscote Vineyards, which is about to deliver its first bottle of sparkling wine from its vineyards set in 50-acres of West Sussex countryside.

Fresh01 has been commissioned to create a brand identity to mirror the site’s prestigious heritage for labels, corks and foils for Kingscote’s wines and ciders. Production of Kingscote’s sparkling wine began in 2011 and so far, 15-acres have been planted, under the watchful eye of award-winning English winemaker Owen Elias. The site incorporates a two-acre apple orchard and combined, the site will produce up to 100,000 litres of wine and cider.



The winery features a training centre and cookery school for up to 100 guests, set in one of the estate’s 14th century tithe barns. Visitors can arrive at the vineyard via a proposed stop on the famous steam engine Bluebell Railway to enjoy a range of activities developed in association with partners such as Aga, Bernard Weatherill and A Greener Alternative.

Fresh01 will also develop and maintain Kingscote’s brand identity across its digital and visitor centre experience, which will include the development of the vineyard’s website, online shop and will be providing content marketing services in addition.

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