Is Social Media Better Managed In-House or Outsourced

Before deciding which route to take on the management of your social media is better, you have to plan your goals and objectives for the activity beforehand.

What do you want to achieve from your social media? More sales, more brand awareness, or all of the before mentioned? You also need right people on board with your ideas, whether that means in-house employees under your management, or social media account managers in a partner agency.



You are able to grow some of your online presence on your own

You can save money in your overall marketing activities because social media costs less than ordinary media to advertise a product

When you don’t have a huge marketing budget, using in-house employees and their talents can stop you from breaking the bank

You know everything that’s happening within the business

You know the voice and tone of your business

If there are complaints shared on social media, you can address usually address them immediately if they involve personal information about customers


You may not always know if your social media is performing as well as it could be

You may not have the right human and time resources to run social media marketing campaigns effectively

You may succumb to lack of enthusiasm if you or your instructed employees aren’t interested in this type of marketing

You may find yourself constantly asking questions like…

Will my staff complete the campaigns correctly?

What results are we really achieving from instructing the staff to spend time and money on these social media platforms?

You will have to spend a lot of time learning about the tools used and the skills needed

You may not know how to remain efficient and may end up spending too much money and time on this marketing channel for little results

You may not know how to grow your audience beyond your current levels and things may plateau



You will have a constant presence online

Paid advertising campaigns may be necessary to your success and they can be intricately managed for you

You can outsource all your social media marketing and supportive content creation such as blogs

You can ensure the efficiency of this work

Specialists that undertake this work on a daily basis know what tactics work and what ones do not

Specialists can create targeted campaigns that can possibly go viral

Every activity and post on every platform is strategically planned out for you


Your content will suffer greatly if you hire a provider with a lack of content strategy and creative input

It can be more expensive, but this usually reflect improved results

You may have to inform them of sudden changes in the business that need to be shared online

You will have to spend a little bit of time in the beginning on educating them about the desired perception of your brand

If you are still deciding which route to take in the long term, you can work partnered agencies on these areas…

Building your social media strategy

Learning about the types of posts that exist

Invest time in working with them to learn more about paid advertising

Familiarise yourself with reporting and analysis of social media activities

Enquire into how they would plan to increase followers and awareness of your brand

In conclusion, when deciding whether to hire professionals or manage everything yourself, take into account every single detail and inform yourself adequately. Keep in mind that not all outsourced agencies are the same, so it’s important to do your research before choosing the right company partner for you.