How does creativity impact results in marketing?

One of the main priorities of any business is to grow sales. To achieve this, a level of creativity is required to give your campaigns and promotions some variety. However, when planning a creative campaign, it is vital that effectiveness is not sacrificed for creativity. If this was to happen, the constructed campaign will not reach the correct audience and won’t support your brand message effectively.

What makes a creative marketing campaign?

There are certain elements which need to be considered when crafting a new marketing campaign. These elements revolve around the use of creativity and how it can be used to connect with viewers. Firstly, the promotion solely depends on engaging the target audience. As if there is no attraction towards the advertisement, then it can be missed, therefore meaning that the business loses out on potential sales through the marketing activity.

Secondly, the campaign needs to connect with its viewers. By connecting with viewers, you establish an emotional connection between business and consumer. Thirdly, marketing campaigns need to be compelling, meaning that the choice of wording must be particular and easy to understand in the least amount of words possible. The campaign will not sell products or services if viewers lose interest halfway through reading.

Finally, there needs to be a recurring persistence of your brand’s message in each of the campaigns produced. Creativity is one of the main components to help differentiate your company message from a competitor’s message.

Creativity in marketing allows you to create authenticity and align your marketing campaigns with your core purpose. Authentic brands stand out because they are the exception in the marketplace surrounded by companies offering the same service.

Being creative with marketing campaigns

Due to the constant increase in competition, companies are always having to look into different marketing methods and be creative with their marketing strategies when looking to target new and existing customer networks. A prime example of this is the transition from using email for personal communication to instead using text messages, posts on Facebook, Tweets, and Instagram. This means that the promotions mix will advance from fairly mainstream advertising methods to interactive and digital media.

Some of the interactive/digital promotions which companies are using up to the creativity stakes include social media marketing and mobile marketing. Social media marketing gives the business and their consumers more of a personal relationship due to the more informal approach of social media. According to Statista’s facts and statistics, 2.46 billion people in the world are active on social media networks, therefore meaning that the potential of reaching new customers is very high. The way we communicate with one another and access information has taken a huge turn in the past decade. Due to the continuously growing number of mobile phone users, it is integral that communication marketers reach people through this channel, whether it be SMS, MMS, app-based marketing or push notifications.

It is clear that you need to follow the steps to making a creative campaign, align them with your brand message and target audience in mind. Then promote your marketing campaigns on the right platforms to reach your intended target audiences.

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