Fresh01 have been working with the Powerboat Racing Team from ‘Accomplish More’ for over 6 months now. The current challenge is preparing for the world record round the world race against the USA. Fresh01 have created the brand for the boat and are supporting with marketing and sponsorship collateral leading up to the race and beyond.

An Introduction by team leader Alan Priddy

I have been messing about in boats for a very long time. It is no exaggeration to say I am the best in the world at what I do, and so far I have amassed 37 boating world records, which demonstrates the point well.

To my knowledge, I am the only person who has separately motor boated and sailed around the world. From this unique experience I now know what type of craft we need to build, not only to smash the existing powerboat circumnavigation world record, but to set a benchmark that will be nearly impossible to beat. Many people have raced around the world, but you can count on the fingers of one hand the numbers that have successfully attempted to motor round in record time. I now have all the answers to design, build and attempt the fastest Circumnavigation of the Globe ever.

I have assembled a group that is the “Winning Team” to beat the Americans and take the coveted World Record. I have chosen the best:

•Crew who are dedicated, and experts in their own field
•Engines, gearboxes & drive systems, which will ensure ultra efficiency and reliability, while being highly environmentally friendly
•Navigation equipment that will allow the crew to drive the craft in complete safety during the day or night
•Boatyard which is dedicated to building this very special craft to a standard that has never been seen before
•Media team which knows what it takes to be seen in all four corners of the world
•Formula One style road crew who will be ready to fly around the world, making all the necessary arrangements at the four fuel stops

 I have left nothing to chance. We will be triumphant in getting this record, giving a welcome boost of “Feelgood Factor” not just to Britain, but to anyone who loves boats, who is excited by adventure, or who marvels at the spirit of human endeavour. We intend to make history. We’d like you to be part of it.



download full pdf brochure here: Global_challenge_brochure