Hannah who? Just kidding, we know Hannah. But you don’t! We’d love to introduce you to our new design intern, Hannah Williams.

So Hannah, who are you?

I am an American student, a Hilton Head Island resident, a High Point Panther, a ‘South Banker’ at LSBU, a quirky blogger, a graphic designer, and a freelance marketing copywriter.

And what have you been working on so far?

After two weeks at Fresh01, I have designed 12 sample logos for a recruitment agency, one MSDS material safety data sheet for a genetic analysis and diagnostic business, and several pitching projects for global brands.

Sounds promising. What’s are the most important things you’ve learned?

In just 30 hours I have learned the importance of tea in the work environment, that Skype conversations are the future for a successful business, and how to digest the English accent (I have to remind myself that people are still speaking the same language!). Being a Fresh01 intern has become my favourite part of the week.

Well we’re glad to have you. Last one… What do you want to take from Fresh01 into your future?

Because of Fresh01, my ‘study abroad’ experience has been enlightened. I came to London to gain design experience, to be a part of the culture, and understand the business relationship between London and New York. As my college journey comes to an end, I intend on moving to New York to pursue graphic design in all its forms. With my experience from Fresh01, I hope to stand out from the crowd. I hope to not just be an island girl or quirky blogger, but a passionate designer chasing her own spontaneous bliss.

We don’t think you’re ‘just’ anything Hannah, we think you’re Fresh.

Read Hannah’s blog: www.spontaneousbliss.blogspot.com