Fresh01 are experts at creating, producing, developing and deploying e-Learning solutions and products across multiple industries and subjects. From concept and storyboard to film, music and ramification as well as scenario-based question sessions, tracking and scoring, we have delivered to some of the most prestigious companies in the world.

From the off, Fresh01 can help plan, devise and strategise your e-Learning programme, from small-storyline multiple-choice solutions, to full-blown bespoke, interactive and immersive education programmes. We’ve worked with Lockheed Martin, Smiths, Barclays, Prudential, S3 recruitment, JPMorgan, Edelman, Centrica and British Gas, to name a few. Our solutions are cross-platform, fully integrated to work on mobile and can be deployed to your SCORM-compliant LMS or you can use our own LMS to get you started if you don’t have your own IT capability.

Here are examples of some of our solutions:

S3 were looking for a cyber security and GDPR awareness course to engage their staff and train them for the upcoming GDPR initiative launched in 2018. The course we designed and produced is based around a game board style platform where users need to pass scenario-based sessions before being able to progress and reveal the next content tab or square. The course was written by Fresh01, designed, filmed and produced using Storyline, translated into three languages and is SCORM compliant.

Our long-standing client, JPMorgan, commissioned us to produce a travel safety course to complement their offline training material. The course consists of nine individual modules that are scored once the question and answer sessions have been completed. The course is tracked in their LMS and is fully SCORM compliant. The bespoke e-Learning was written, designed, produced and developed by Fresh01.

Barclays approached Fresh01 to produce a cyber security awareness programme to be viewed in all their common areas. The project took three months from research and storyboard to completion and deployment onto their LMS. All production was completed in-house at our Wokingham studios using a combination of After Effects, Logic Pro, Articulate Storyline, Maya and Creative Suite.

Smiths has a large percentage of personnel that travels across the world and sometimes to high risk regions. They called upon the expert travel security knowledge of Fresh01 to produce an engaging and immersive awareness course. This bespoke course was mainly filmed on location in the US and Fresh01 designed and produced it in-house and assembled it in Storyline. The bespoke music and soundtrack score was written in our in-house studio and developed alongside the film and voiceover. The course is a perfect example of one of our bespoke, immersive and highly polished professional e-Learning projects.

Following on from the success of our Travel Security courses made for Smiths, Lockheed Martin, Centrica and JPMorgan, Prudential asked us to create and produce a bespoke course for them. This e-Learning project is a good example of how a subject can be revamped from the ground up to create a unique and bespoke course, deployed following strict brand guidelines, and launched successfully globally. Fresh01 is proud to have designed this entire course, from concept to delivery.




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