Do I need a brand refresh?

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Brands can grow stale over time; from SMEs to market leaders, they must occasionally reflect on how consumers perceive them and whether this aligns with their brand values. The same applies to you and your brand, no matter the scale of your business. This raises the question, do you need a brand refresh?

We have all experienced the many rebrands of McDonald’s. The fast food tycoon frequently mixes things up by making small and frequent changes to their packaging so that they can keep the brand on-trend. Following their involvement in the obesity epidemic of the early 2000s, they rebranded, bringing “healthy choices” to the forefront of their menu and ultimately changing their image. They rebranded again in 2021, taking on new “aesthetic minimalism” by using simple shapes and bold colours. With this rebrand, they could incorporate fun and playfulness into every aspect of their packaging and be more eco-conscious. Similar things have been happening with Meta, Instagram, and Mastercard. 

What to Rebrand?

There may be a range of reasons why you may be considering a rebrand, or indeed the level of rebranding you are willing to undertake, each with its benefits. More minor changes, such as a logo or colour scheme update, will catch the eye of consumers at a lower cost while keeping your brand reasonably consistent. If you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your brand, this requires more planning and consideration – but allows you to start fresh. 

In addition to aesthetic shifts, consider undertaking a new digital approach to remain at the forefront of the digital age. This can be a complex undertaking for many small businesses when your team is already doing all they can! If your company has been running in a physical setting, but you’re yet to make the most of a website or social media. Read our blogs on social media, effective websites and authentic marketing strategies.

Stand Out Again

A good rebrand is an effective (maybe subtle, depending on the level of rebrand) way to remain in the mind’s eye of potential and returning customers. Awareness is the first stage in the sales funnel. If you do this well, you may find that your company is getting attention! In the age of content marketing, we’re all looking for something to post about – revamping your brand will provide an excellent opportunity to make a big fuss about your brand and will make plenty of content!

How do you stand out and remain loyal to your brand values? Cast your mind back to 2015; remember when Coke Life was a thing, Coke’s synergised rebrand approach tied together “Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life under the single recognisable Coca-Cola brand.” (The Guardian). This enabled Coca-Cola a chance to rave about its new approach to its market presence.

Technological Advances

Technology has advanced at unfathomable rates in the last few decades. We have technology in 2023 that 40 years ago would be simply unimaginable. The smartphones we carry around in our pockets are technically more powerful than the NASA computers that sent the first space shuttle to the moon. There are over 38 Million people active on social media platforms and accessing information in the first place via their smartphones. However, despite this, many companies out there still haven’t opted for mobile-friendly websites. Have you checked to see if your website shines across all devices and platforms? Don’t leave your customers with the “pinch and squeeze” blues of websites that look okay on a desktop but are unreadable on mobile.

Consumer Evolution
Humans have evolved for millions of years, and consumers are no different. We are all affected by trends, and our consumer habits are indications of this evolution. Consumers are more aware of ethical issues surrounding the products they buy, the food they eat and the brands they support.

The impact of  Veganuary and veganism has led to a surge in plant-based and free-form products. Everything from health and beauty to fashion and food has changed. We can see brands realigning themselves with these ethical values; for example, Garnier has rebranded itself to fall under the vegan and ethical umbrella to keep up with consumer habits. 

So take a minute to consider whether your brand still conveys the exact message you initially intended or has your consumer evolved without your knowledge, and action needs to be taken. As you can see, there are several reasons why you may want to rebrand, and we think it’s best to stay fresh! 

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