What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is essentially a business’ overall game plan/approach for accessing their target market and making them customers of the services or products that they are providing. The value proposition of the strategy basically sums up all of the services that they offer to consumers and why you should buy from them rather than one of their competitors. The marketing strategy should be much more in-depth in comparison to the business’ marketing plan because the key elements of a strategy do not shift as much overtime. Whereas, a marketing plan can change very easily. For example, an advancement in technology could cause the business to switch their plan.

How do you develop your marketing strategy?

Firstly, one of the most important factors when conjuring your marketing strategy is working out the size of your marketing budget. This is the money that you are going to invest into the marketing department; whether it be software or new employees. In addition, you need to decide whether you have enough bodies to cope with the workflow and distribute it to your target market in good timing. So, if you know that this is going to be a problem, it means that you would need to invest a fraction of your budget into recruiting new members for the marketing team.

Researching the market you operate within is an essential part of your marketing strategy. It is vital to gather information relating to its size, growth, social trends and demographics. It is important to keep an eye on your market so you are aware of any changes over time, so you can keep the strategy relevant and targeted. This can mean analysing the main competition for your business and declare what sets you apart from what is already available on the market. This is known as the business’ unique selling point (USP). Once you have identified the USP of your product/service, you need to figure out the best way to promote it. This will depend on your customer profile and which method of promotion will reach them more efficiently. This links back to the size of your marketing budget because advertising comes with a price and can be very costly depending on the method you use.

Here at Fresh01, we have valued expertise in helping both big and small companies deliver their message that they want to best represent them. Whatever your requirements, we guarantee personal service and impactful results that reinvigorate existing brands and help launch recently formed companies. We help our clients understand how they’re viewed by their customers and how they measure up to the competition. Our branding and marketing experts can help you understand your customers’ needs and develop a strategy to match your purpose, values and brand identity.

By researching the market you operate in, you can develop an accurate profile of the customers you are targeting and identify their needs. The profile that has been developed for the strategy will reveal consumer buying patterns. This profile is a detailed representation of how they buy, where they buy and what they buy. Again, this would require regularly reviewing trends, so you don’t miss out on new opportunities and become disjointed with your marketing message. Whilst hunting for new customers, it is crucial that the marketing strategy allows you to maintain relationships with your existing customers. Fresh01 have decades of experience in branding across many sectors of business.  We can determine the strongest brand qualities you have and to craft a new message for consumers that is guaranteed to give you results.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that you have the most up-to-date resources to give your content as large of a platform as possible. This means double-checking as to whether your website is user-friendly and can be easily navigated. The main reason for this is because a well-built website will aid the content you are producing for the company. If your content is hard to find on the website, then it will not be getting the exposure that it is being made for in the first place. Fresh01 help to create impactful content that connects with readers and converts them into customers. Our digital marketing executives can help you understand what content is working for your company and how to alter your strategy to increase its results. Plus, if you distribute your services through the use of social media channels then you need to make sure that you are engaging with the right target audience because this type of marketing will ensure the development of your brand’s visibility by building relationships and communicating with potential customers.

At Fresh01 we are experts in supporting clients to determine the appropriate marketing strategy. We work with partners such as Wireless Broadband Alliance, Kingscote Vineyards, Esuasive and Nautilus International. We provide advice and guidance for their bespoke marketing strategies and deploy direct mail campaigns, manage content and generate leads to increase sales.